Twitter Traffic Generation Strategy

Chances are a significant proportion of your target audience use Twitter. Many experts swear by it but even if you’re not convinced of the platform’s value (and many aren’t) the possibility of growing a large, engaged audience is too great a prize to ignore without at least giving it a shot. If you’re interested in giving it a go, here’s a Twitter marketing strategy rundown.

How to use Twitter to help increase your website’s traffic

  1. Post visual content. People like photos, gifs, infographics and other visual content – it captures their attention easily, and a picture is, after all, worth a thousand words. Posting visual content at least once every blogging cycle is, therefore, much more likely to bring Twitter audience to your site. Just make sure that your images are your own, don’t resemble thousands of others on the Internet and reflect who you are, your business’ core values and what you can do for the audience. Remember, delivering value is the name of the game.
  2. Don’t be like everybody else. Many people talk about being authentic but few truly are. Being authentic is about being true to yourself and what you believe. It’s about being a person of integrity. Yes, your audience is interested in your content but they also align themselves to your personality and values. Your tweets are an extension of you and your business, therefore they have to reflect who you are, not a pale imitation of what you think you should be. This is not a greenlight to behave unprofessionally – you are trying to build a professional business after all – but if you have an understanding of your audience and of what they will and will not accept, then by all means you can be yourself within those parameters.
  3. Interact and nurture relationships. Increasing your visibility levels won’t happen overnight and it might not happen at all if your interactions only involve you tweeting something that only your followers can see. Spread the word by asking your followers, and/or people you follow, to share and retweet. (Even better, create content that they will want to share in the first place). Don’t harass them, however, if they don’t. Better luck next time. Also, you should share and retweet too – there are very likely quite a few people whom you admire and who could be potential influencers and partners, that use Twitter. Seek them out and begin a relationship by sharing their content (and adding your own value to it).
  4. Use it as a promotional tool. Don’t hesitate to tell people about the launch of your upcoming product via Twitter (but don’t forgo other notification methods as you do). The good thing about Twitter is that it allows you to gather interest in your to-be-released ebook, app or video tutorial series and not get on people’s nerves with lengthy marketing copy. 140 characters are enough to bring people to your webpage which tells them more about your product, thereby increasing your conversion rate, boosting sales, increasing your profile and/or building your audience.
  5. Don’t go overboard with characters. Less is more when it comes to marketing, and Twitter marketing is no exception. It might surprise you to learn that people aren’t likely to read your entire 140-characters tweet. Try, therefore to limit the number of characters in your tweet as much as you can – preferably to under 100.
  6. Tell a story. Marketing copy is only as good as the message it contains. The same principle applies to tweets – a small amount of characters doesn’t take away your opportunity to tell the audience a compelling story. A story is what is going to motivate people to click on the link to your landing page – a story that reflects your values, your innovation and appeals to the audience.
  7. Keep it consistent. Members of your audience are interested in reading your content and look forward to seeing a daily update on their feed. Your failure to satisfy that expectation can result in losing followers and thus, decreasing website traffic levels. We’re not saying, however, that you have to constantly send out tweets from your computer or mobile. Fortunately, there are tools like Buffer which can help you schedule a certain amount of tweets to be posted during specific times of the day, thereby leaving you with plenty of time to manage your other marketing channels and engage in product development.
  8. Share your best content. Free content needs to be great if you want to maximize your returns. Posting your best content on Twitter is no different from posting it elsewhere – the only difference is the format in which you post. This is not “giving away your best stuff” – this is an investment in building your reputation and a big step towards building trust.

Takeaway points

  1. Twitter is a marathon, not a sprint. Tweeting twice a day is plenty – don’t let it become a time-suck.
  2. Use the 140-characters format to your advantage – the purpose here is to tell a story that brings people to your website.
  3. Share (your best) content so others feel compelled retweet it to their followers and so on. This is an effective method of growing your audience.

Action steps

  1. If you’re new to Twitter, are yet to join or have become disillusioned with it, take a look at this simple Twitter strategy.
  2. Create some visual content (e.g. infographics – you can outsource this on Upwork) or content upgrades that you can share on Twitter. This will get you a better response than tweeting about your day or topics of low-value – and will help position yourself as someone who brings value to the discussion.
  3. Keep directing Twitter traffic to your website – and, ultimately, your mailing list – wherever possible. A large number of followers is great but it’s more valuable if you can convert them. Have a lead magnet on your site to entice visitors to join your list.

Photo credit: Ruben Schade via / CC BY-SA 2.0

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