The Importance of Building Momentum

If you’ve ever tried to push a stationary car, you’ll know that the hardest part is the beginning, because of inertia. Once you get it moving, it’s so much easier, because of momentum. Like exercise, making progress little-and-often beats binge-ing. When you’re trying to build your information business it’s more important that you create and/or market monetisable content on a consistent basis. Go too long without creating any saleable products and you’ll lose enthusiasm, motivation and likely quit.

Make action a habit

  1. Fear is the enemy. The thing that makes you quit is fear. And fear is a result of having too much time to sit around and entertain negative thoughts. The antidote to fear is taking action: the more action you take, the less fear you’ll experience.
  2. Keep your eyes on the prize. Great things come from small beginnings. Look at the top influencers and gurus in your industry – the ones with thousands of fans and followers. They didn’t get there overnight. They got there through a long, unglamorous – often scary – process of grinding out the work.

Don’t doubt, don’t stop. The only two things that can stop  you is to stop working and to start doubting.

  1. Stop procrastinating. You can’t get there unless you do the work. Want to build a six-figure business? You have to do the work. Want to create a bestselling course? You have to do the work. Want to have a great physique, rewarding relationships, retire on a beach… You have to do the work. Everything worth having has a price that needs paying. Excuses like “I’m too busy working on something else”, “Now isn’t the right time” or “It won’t work” should be banished from your mind forever. You have to realise that “the right time” is a myth.
         Putting things off until tomorrow is a dangerous cycle that will not bring you any tangible results and – worst of all – it will turn you into a quitter. If you quit at the first sign that it’s not going to be plain sailing, you’ll never accomplish anything with your life. You can lie to yourself and make all sorts of excuses to not do the work but, hey, that’s what quitters do. Taking action – despite your doubts, fears and mood – is how you accomplish great things. Here is a simple way to overcome procrastination.
  2. Small, consistent action beats binge-working. In order to get into the habit of creating momentum, you need to be consistent. Create often. Starting small is no bad thing – in fact, we recommend that you do exactly that and gradually build up to large-scale activities. For example, creating short video content on a daily basis is a good starting point which can evolve into building a significant audience of fans and future customers. The key to getting there is gaining momentum, and you need to be consistent in order to do that and see its importance.
  3. Act with a purpose straight from the get go. Sending out tweets into thin air or creating content for content’s sake in the vain hope of getting noticed isn’t much different from doing nothing. Create with intention and purpose. You need to have specific goals in mind from the very beginning, be it taking your product to the next segment of the market or fostering relationships with your current audience. Having a purpose/goal for each action that you take can really help you stay consistent and achieve your long-term vision through completing milestones that you need to get there.
  4. Always be starting. You know to break larger goals into smaller subgoals. Then complete each step before moving onto the next, then the next and so on. Forgot about “finishing” and, instead, always be starting. Do this and the finish will take care of itself. Everyone wants to hit home runs. That’s rarely how life works and in waiting for that huge opportunity you miss out on the countless ones that pass you by that, when combined, are more than the one big fish you’re trying to land.
         Completing small actions for which you have a clear purpose in mind are how you gain momentum and get where you need to be. Not only will you become more confident as you complete each goal, but you can look back over the ground you’ve covered and become more motivated with each passing day to act on a regular basis, thus obtaining further results. It’s a virtuous circle.
  5. Don’t be too focused on the results you have in mind. Sometimes results aren’t going to be what you initially expected them to be, and that shouldn’t be a big issue for you. Markets are, after all, unpredictable, and it is a mark of a good businessperson to be able to handle the unexpected well and turn it into an opportunity for building momentum. Don’t be discouraged when your actions don’t bring the results you want. The important part is that you took action. (Remember, you only need one succeed once – and you can try as many times as you want.) At this point, you are focused on gaining momentum, and that includes gaining the necessary experience, developing a tenacious personality and not giving up. These are the keys to the kingdom.
  6. Love your work but also bring love to your work. You need the right attitude. Motivate yourself. Once you stop procrastinating and get the ball rolling on consistent activity every day, self-motivation will become easier. However, there will most certainly be setbacks at some point, and you need to be able to motivate yourself to get through them and not give up on building momentum. You need to bring a positive mindset to your work, i.e. it’s not always the work/the world/other people’s responsibility to motivate you. Bring enthusiasm, fun and love to your work. When you aren’t putting positive emotional energy into your efforts there is danger of self-doubt and anxiety to creep in. To avoid that, keep taking action, focusing on your goal and consciously choosing to bring joy to your work.

Takeaway points

  1. The longer you sit about doing nothing (or being lost in pointless busywork), the more likely you are to fail or give up on your dreams.
  2. Take action – however small – on a regular basis. Each day, do something that will bring you closer to your goal. Consistent action is the secret to success.
  3. The start is always the hardest. It gets easier one you build momentum and you do that by taking regular action.
  4. Don’t obsess about the results. Obsess about doing the work.
  5. You have a responsibility to do work you love but also to bring love to your work.

Action steps

  1. What is the one thing you’ve been putting off that can move your business in the right direction? The likelihood is that you find it scary, out of your comfort zone. Break the project down into smaller steps and start working on each one, one step at a time. When you reach a part that frightens you, get out of your mind (which will amplify the fear and the obstacle); anchor yourself to the present moment; and perform the necessary step. The worst that can happen is being rejected; the best is being told “yes”; gaining valuable feedback or making a useful contact.
  2. Don’t confuse being busy with being effective. Make a list of tasks you need to perform. Beside each one add A, B or C. A tasks are “must do”, B are “should do” and C are “could do”. Work on all your A tasks as a priority – these are the ones that need to be completed first. Work on B tasks once your A tasks are complete or when you’re waiting for other things before you can complete your A tasks. Discard or outsource all C tasks.
  3. Set yourself the goal of creating a product a month or growing your audience by 5%.

Photo credit: Russ via / CC BY 2.0

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