Summary: Screw Work, Let’s Play

Contains useful preliminary exercises. More strategy specifics needed.


Screw Work, Let’s Play contains useful exercises to help you take the first step towards working on a side (“play”) project whilst holding down a full-time job. The book is a useful springboard to start from. However, it’s likely you will need more detailed information and to conduct your own research to flesh out a strategy that works for you.

From the back cover

Stuck in a job that’s boring you to tears?

Slogging away at a business that’s never quite taken off?

Still can’t decide what you’d rather do?

Well, it’s time to change all that.

We’ve reached a remarkable point in the history of work. With the right guidance, it’s now possible for anyone to make a living from doing the things they love.

How to work out what you really want

  1. Start from a blank slate without limitations. What do you really want? Not what you think you should want or what others want for you. Imagine your year of play and write it down.
  2. It’s natural to not know what you want to do. In that case, start by writing down insights that come to you about what you want and don’t want in your work.
  3. Don’t wait for inspiration. Make a decision.

How to choose what to do next

  1. Work on your strengths and work around your weaknesses. You will experience more success faster this way.
  2. Ask those you trust what they feel your strengths are.
  3. Stop pinball thinking. Write down all your options so that you can clearly assess them.

How to get started right now

  1. Forget career plans and long-term goals. Let this journey unfold naturally.
  2. Of all the choices you’ve identified, choose the project that interests you most and start it straight away.
  3. If it’s a big, audacious goal, break it down into pieces and start now on the first step.
  4. Set a release date for your project.
  5. Decide how you will share the results with others.
  6. Plan a celebration.

How to guarantee your success

  1. Dare to hope your dream can come true and deal with setbacks when they arise. You guarantee your success if you don’t quit.
  2. Identify and tame your inner critic.
  3. Build a support team and manage your fear.
  4. Model successful people’s strategies.
  5. Little and often is better than binge-working and prevents you feeling overwhelmed.
  6. Use “down time” to daydream and think creatively.

How to play for profit… and purpose

  1. The secret to play for profit is to solve a problem.
  2. If you don’t know what problem to solve, ask (your target market) what their biggest problems are.
  3. If you want to change the world, choose a specific problem to solve.

How to play the fame game and win

  1. Dare to stand out.
  2. Embrace the new channels of communication to reach your audience.
  3. Create a profile of your ideal customer.
  4. Start conversations and keep in touch.
  5. Motivate your fans towards becoming paying customers.

How to create an irresistible offer

  1. Know the results you create for people. Sell the benefits.
  2. Choose how you want to deliver this result, e.g. consulting, freelancing, public speaking, online course, membership site etc.

How to win your first playcheque

  1. Look for opportunities to be in flow, i.e. do what you’re good at and enjoy doing.
  2. Run a campaign to win your first playcheque.
  3. When you get there, celebrate!

How to play full time.

  1. Run your offer again with a group of ten test subjects.
  2. Are people raving about you yet? If not, keep adjusting until they do.
  3. Decide your route to playing full time: the customised job or the freestyle career.
  4. Collaborate with others for speed and to enable you to manage a portfolio of projects.
  5. Check the numbers work before you go any further.

How to play your way to the rich life

  1. What does a rich life look like to you? How can you experience some of it now?
  2. Manage your money like a millionaire and start your play fund.
  3. Work on your internal blocks to getting rich.
  4. Charge what you’re worth.
  5. Create a rich strategy with something that scales.

About the author

John Williams is a career maverick who escaped corporate life. Screw Work Let’s Play is your blueprint to create a work-life full of fun, freedom and creativity; something more like play than work.

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