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Both a comforting hand on the shoulder and a motivational kick in the pants


Hack the EntrepreneurHow to Stop Procrastinating, Build a Business, and Do Work That Matters is a collection of the author’s insights and those of other successful entrepreneurs. It’s an inspirational – and practical – shot in the arm for every solo entrepreneur starting something new or going after that big, scary goal. There’s a lot of wisdom and encouragement in these pages.

From the back cover

Jon Nastor hacks 50 brilliant business insights from the founders of companies with hundreds of employees and $100 millions in revenue to founders that run highly profitable businesses from their laptops as they nomdically travel the world, looking for adventure. Both groups are extremely successful and both will teach you how business is run under the new rules.

Do not underestimate what you, your laptop, a good wifi connection, and some hard work can accomplish. These are the new rules of business. Get used to it, or keep your day job.


  1. As long as you have an internet connection and a willingness to do work that matters, where you are right now is where you need to be. You have everything that you need at your disposal – it is completely up to you what you do with it.
  2. The world does not need you to become the next Elon Musk or Richard Branson – what it needs is you.
  3. The field has been levelled and the barriers to entry have been torn down. It’s now up to you.
  4. Become comfortable being uncomfortable.
  5. In order to be an entrepreneur, you need to act like an entrepreneur. That means acting however you want, as long as you build things and put them out into the world.
  6. Rather than building a business around what you love, build a viable business that give you the money and freedom to do what you love.
  7. Determine exactly what you want from your business. Then work backwards.
  8. Make sure your business is a painkiller as opposed to a vitamin.
  9. The hardest part of doing big things is convincing yourself that you can. The rest is just work.
  10. We always overestimate the size of our hurdles, until we overcome them.
  11. Accept that the starting point is the worst your business will ever be.
  12. Rest assured that nobody else has it figured out – no matter how it may look from the outside.
  13. Permission is no longer required.
  14. Life is short. Do work that matters.
  15. As you move and gain momentum, more opportunities and information will present themselves. Opportunities and information that will never be available back where you started. Momentum breeds momentum. It’s time to start walking.
  16. Move from consumer to producer.
  17. When you build something and put it out there, it very rarely takes off and goes viral.
  18. Remember, your business is not about you. It is never about you. It is about your customer.
  19. It’s essential that you get used to the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what you’re doing. Here’s a tip: pretend you’re good at it.
  20. Dive in head first and learn everything there is to learn about your business.
  21. Do what makes you happy.
  22. Luck is a by-product of hard work.
  23. Be happy with chaos and enjoy the journey.
  24. Write down your fears. Doing so makes them less scary. Then think of ways to overcome them.
  25. Acknowledge the progress you make, how far you’ve travelled.
  26. Your ideas are worthless until you take action. Execute your ideas. Jump in.
  27. It’s better to try and to fail than to not try at all.
  28. Find people who want the best for you and who will push you as far as they can.
  29. Pilot your idea before committing serious time, effort or money.
  30. Work within your strengths and weakness and put people in place around you to complement those traits.
  31. Don’t half-ass your ideas. Go flat out. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, big deal.
  32. Go big. Target a big market. Yes, there’s more competition but there’s also a lot more money.
  33. Do what you do with the confidence of knowing it can and will change the world. The world may only be one person for one day, but is one person not worth it?
  34. Failure is not the end of an idea or business venture, but the starting point of the next one. The only way to fail as an entrepreneur is to quit before you’ve seen enough failures to find your success.
  35. When you make a mistake, it’s not catastrophic. Use what you’ve learned to determine your next move.
  36. Things suck sometimes but that’s part of the game. Learning to fail and not allow it to sideswipe you is essential.
  37. Own your mistakes.
  38. Test and change. Scale and grow.
  39. Always be proud of creating something out of nothing. You have executed your ideas which is a huge step towards success.
  40. We’re all in this together and we all have the same fears to overcome.
  41. Own the responsiblity.
  42. From now on every day, whether it waas awesome or awful, is celebrated or learned from – then reset.
  43. Hard work + willingness to fail = success.
  44. Find your audience, create content, build your business.
  45. Think big and work small.
  46. Work your ass off.
  47. There is no secret.
  48. You know what absolutely will not work? Not trying something because you’re too scared.

About the author

Jonny Nastor is a digital entrepreneur, podcaster, writer and punk rock drummer. He is the host of the hit podcast, Hack the Entrepreneur.

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