Make Overcoming Fear Your Next Goal

What could you accomplish with your life if you could overcome your fears? What dreams would you dare pursue? What projects would you start? What could stop a fearless individual?

Everything you want is on the other side of fear ~ Jack Canfield

  1. The 3-second rule. Action is the antidote to fearThe longer you sit there looking at what frightens you, procrastinating, the more likely you are to give into your fear. Practise the 3-second rule: the next time you are confronted by something that scares you, that makes you uncomfortable, do the thing you fear within 3 seconds. In the words of W. Clement Stone, “Thinking will not overcome fear but action will”.
  2. False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is an internal construct. Situations themselves are neutral. It’s our interpretation of the situation that gives it power. Remember the German proverb, “Fear makes the wolf bigger” – it’s a reminder that what we imagine is often worse than the reality.
  3. Fear is a habit. When you let fear stop you it becomes a destructive downward spiral. Your world gets that little bit smaller: everything becomes a threat to be avoided or a challenge that you cannot overcome. But when you grit your teeth and resist the fear – when you take action even when you’re scared – you take that first step to unlocking your dungeon. Your world becomes that little bit larger.
  4. If you want something you’ve never had… You need to do things you’ve never done. If you want things to be different, you need to be different. Think expansion and growth: you want to continually stretch your comfort zone so that the new, uncomfortable territory becomes natural to you. Then expand and grow again.
  5. Has fear become your knee-jerk reaction? People fear things too readily: going to a new place; getting caught in the rain; missing a train. For many people, fear has become the go-to response for every new situation. Not excitement or curiosity or uncertainty – fear. Are you afraid of something that just doesn’t merit fear? Choose how you react. Are you genuinely afraid or has it just become a habit?
  6. Get out of your head. Fear is a symptom of stress. Practising a discipline such as mindfulness meditation will help. It will teach you to recognise that you are not your thoughts or feelings. Many people who meditate report a renewed sense of resilience and being able to cope with life’s challenges.
  7. Fear is the price of entry. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, experiencing some fear is inevitable. Everyone experiences it, which is all the more reason not to let it stop you. In fact, if you aren’t afraid, it’s a sure sign that your goal is not big enough. Where there’s growth, there will be discomfort. If you are trying to achieve something worthwhile, fear will be a regular companion. Expect it.

When it comes to overcoming fear, there are many strategies but here is a good starting point…


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