How to Have More Ideas

  1. Solve problems. Don’t try to think of new ideas. Instead, focus on solving problems.
  2. Make it a habit. James Altucher, the author of Choose Yourself, suggests setting yourself a daily exercise of thinking up a certain number of ideas to solve a problem or improve something. The subject you choose is not important. What is important is developing your idea muscle and creativity.
  3. Watch the world go by. Set aside time to go to a busy location and simply observe the world and people around you. What are they wearing? What are they doing? What trends do you notice? What appears popular? There are endless questions you can ask – the goal is to simply notice more of your surroundings. When you observe something, ask yourself what you think it means on a deeper level.
  4. Pay attention to trends. What topics are being discussed in the media? What is becoming more known? Or more popular? What’s the underlying opportunity?
  5. Where there’s pain, there’s opportunity. Billionaire Jack Ma – the founder of Alibaba – advises aspiring entrepreneurs to always go where the pain is, where people are unhappy or complaining. That’s where your next idea can be found.
  6. Scratch your own itch. Create things that solve your problems. That’s a good place to start.  The fact that you are experiencing it means there’s genuine demand.
  7. Take ideas from other places. What is working in another country or industry? Can you introduce it to your location, business or situation? An Uber-like courier service? An Airbnb for pet-sitters? A pay-by-food-weight restaurant (popular in Brazil). Many millionaires were made not by having revolutionary new ideas but by observing what worked elsewhere and replicating it.

Here are 15 more ways to get more ideas…

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