How to Get the Most out of Your Facebook Business Page

Setting up a Facebook Page is easy. The question is, what do you do to get the most out of your Page once it’s created? Here are some tips to get the most out of this platform. And the good news is, it takes a lot less effort than you might think.

With over 1.2 billion users, you can be sure your target audience is on Facebook.

Here are a few smart ways to use your Facebook Page.

  1. Engage with your audience. One thing’s for sure, your target audience is on Facebook. Once you have reached them, organically or via Facebook ads, be sure to provide high-value content to win them over. The majority of your content should be focused on serving your audience. The minority (perhaps one post in five) should be to promote your business.
  2. Promote selective posts. Facebook ads is a great way to drive traffic to your site. For as little as $5 a day, you can ensure your advertisements appears before a highly targeted customer audience. For example, if you coach people to be better public speakers, you could create a landing page with a lead magnet (e.g. a mini public speaking email course); promote that lead magnet using a FB ad and capture your visitors’ email addresses. Only pay to promote landing pages as there’s a tangible benefit, i.e. you can build your email list.
  3. Poll your audience. Ask your audience what problems they’re struggling with. You can easily setup polls on Facebook and your customers’ answers can help you serve them better, build loyalty and may even give you ideas for your next product launch. (There’s also the added bonus that you know there is a demand for the product as your audience has told you so directly).

19 tips for building an effective Facebook Page

Hubspot has created a list of simple yet powerful ways to get the most out of your Facebook page. From their article:

If you think you can just slap together a Facebook Page and expect the leads and customers to roll right in, you’ve got another thing coming. The chances of actually generating leads and customers from Facebook are pretty slim if you’re not creating a Facebook Page with the potential to get noticed, Liked, and engaged with.

  1. Add a recognizable profile picture. You’ll want to pick a profile picture that will be easy for your potential fans to recognize. This could be anything from a company logo for a big brand to a headshot of yourself if you’re a solopreneur or consultant. Being recognizable is important to getting found and Liked – especially in Facebook Search. Your profile image is pictured at the top of your Facebook Page and is also the thumbnail image that gets displayed next to all your Facebook Page updates, so choose wisely.
  2. Post photos and videos to your Timeline. Why photos and videos? Because they’re proven to be the most engaging types of content on Facebook.
         The other reason posting these types of updates are important is because you’ll want your ‘Photos’ and ‘Videos’ apps — which are apps automatically added to every Facebook Page — to actually be populated with photos and videos.
  3. Monitor and respond to comments on your page. Don’t forget about comments. You can monitor and respond to comments via the ‘Notifications’ tab at the very top of your page. While it may not be necessary to respond to every single comment you receive, you should definitely monitor the conversations happening there (especially to stay on top of potential social media crises), and aim to interact with your Facebook fans on a regular basis.

Read the full post here:

Takeaway points

  1. A Facebook Page, combined with occasional Facebook ads, a landing page and a lead magnet are all you need to start building an email list.
  2. Your Facebook Page needs an eye-catching cover photo and profile image.
  3. Post once or twice a day. 80% of your content should be high-value content that serves your target audience. 20% of your content should be self-promotional.

Action steps

  1. If you have not already done so, commission a designer on Upwork to create your business logo and Facebook cover image.
  2. Begin posting your best content once a day to your FB Page.
  3. Design a landing page and create a lead magnet. Use Facebook ads to promote this landing page to drive traffic from Facebook to your website and capture visitor emails.

Photo credit: Sarah Marshall via / CC BY 2.0

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