A Simple Twitter Strategy for Building Your Audience

In order to monetize your know-how you eventually need an audience. We’ve advised in the past to keep your social marketing simple by concentrating on just 2-3 marketing channels, one of which would be Twitter. You’re not alone if you “don’t get” Twitter or if it becomes a huge time-suck.

Twitter closes the six degrees of separation to one degree of separation.
~ Gary Vaynerchuk

If you are just one person trying to run a business, have a life and create products to sell, it’s easy to dismiss Twitter. Tweeting is not a quick-fix for building an audience: it will feel like you’re talking into a hurricane and when you consider it requires time, consistency and perseverance, you may be tempted to abandon it and say, “It doesn’t work”. Don’t quit. We’ll introduce you to a Twitter strategy that takes only 30 minutes a day to implement but before we do, here are some reasons why you should persist with Twitter:

  1. Anyone can write 140 characters or fewer. Short-form content appeals to a lot of content creators and content consumers. It’s possible to condense a lot of wisdom and knowledge in 2-3 tweets a day.
  2. A shortcut to influencers. You may not get a response and some accounts – not all – may not be managed by the individual in question. However, there are enough accounts operated by the supposed person whose work you can follow; who may pick up on what you’re doing and with whom you can begin a professional relationship. Put it this way, it’s a closer relationship with the influencer than you might have otherwise.
  3. There are plenty of smart people on Twitter from whom you can learn a lot. Sure, there’s a lot of inanity on Twitter but generally you’ll find what you look for. If you make a point of seeking out people you admire; recognised names in your field; strangers who make insightful comments, you’ll discover lots of interesting people making valuable contributions. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from osmosis alone.

Introducing a 30-minute per day Twitter strategy that works

Hopefully you see the potential of Twitter. Not sure where to begin? Social media consultancy, Social Media Explorer, has produced a guide to show you how to grow your Twitter audience in just 30 minutes per day.

(Note: the goal of any marketing effort is to direct all traffic to your website – which you control, (i.e. you’re not dependent on a third-party platform’s that may change its policies or procedures to your detriment) and converting those visitors into email subscribers).

From their article:

The idea of active audience growth is that you are going to go out there on Twitter and find the users that are interested in your niche and that are also in the middle of a conversation on your topic and niche. You’re then going to insert yourself in the middle of these conversations in a non-spammy and helpful way that adds value.

  1. Make sure your bio is optimized. After your first interaction with someone, they’re very likely to click on to your profile to learn more about you. First impressions are everything so ensure that your Twitter profile and bio are optimised.
  2. Find and engage with Twitter users. You will be using https://twitter.com/search-home to find people having a conversation about your product or niche. But what do you search? How should you search?
         The first thing to consider is using operators to filter out the noise…
  3. Grow by following other users. Another part of actively and organically growing your Twitter following is following the users that would be interested in your brand or business. Look at the users that are “Followers” of your competitors or influencers in your niche. From here, follow the people that you think would be interested in your business. This is a proven way to grow your following but there are a few key things to keep in mind…

Read the full post here: https://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/social-media-marketing/how-to-grow-your-twitter-audience-in-just-30-minutes-a-day/

Takeaway points

  1. You do not need to spend hours every day managing your Twitter account. 30 minutes is sufficient. Tweet three times per day. More than that is unnecessary and engagement falls off slightly.
  2. Do not buy followers. It’s far better to have a small group of true dedicated fans than to buy “followers” who may not even exist or who have no interest in what you do. Grow your following organically, happy in the knowledge that any new follower is validation that you are doing something right.
  3. Don’t feel obliged to tweet for tweeting sake. Tweet only to add value in some way: either to share valuable content; reply to a query; or ask your following a question. As your profile grows, you have greater leeway in the content you tweet but in early days focus on being helpful and contributing to others.

Action steps

  1. Open a Twitter account if you have not done so already. Optimise your account for the basics. (If optimisation is too technical or you don’t have the time, you can find affordable freelancers on Upwork who can help you with the process).
  2. Not sure what to tweet about? Here are 12 great tweet formulas you can use.
  3. Tweets are limited to 140 characters so be sure to use a free URL-shortening service like Bitly when posting any URLs, to save room.

Photo credit: Darren Barefoot via Flickr.com / CC BY-NC

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