7 Ways to Stand Out in a Noisy World

It’s a noisy world out there. The following takes place online every minute.

Data Never Sleeps

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How can you get noticed amongst all this static? The good news is the world will always be hungry for great content; it will always look to leaders to inspire and show the way; it will always appreciate and support problem-solvers and those putting value out into the world. This is where the battle for attention is fought and won.

Serve and provide value in an authentic way

  1. Serve. Stop focusing on what you can sell and start focusing on how you can contribute. How can you improve the lives of those you come into contact with? Sometimes that may be solving a problem for them but more often than not it’s just a smile, a word of encouragement or replying to a comment. When everyone else wants to take, you look for ways to give. Giving is how you build your audience. The more people you help, the more value you provide, the more wealth you can create for yourself and others.
  2. Be authentic. Authentic people are rare and loved. Being authentic doesn’t mean, “I am what I am, I say what I think, take it or leave it”. That’s actually being a sociopath. Being authentic is about coming from a place of genuine positive intentions. Observe the Golden Rule. Be yourself but still open to improving yourself. Make your actions and words consistent with who you are, your beliefs, values and mission in life. Be true to yourself, not what you or others think you “should” be. The world needs more authentic people.
  3. Embrace video. What do all the experts you admire have in common? They produce video content. Your audience will relate to you and your message more easily if they see you as a living, breathing, talking human being as opposed to words on a page. Your personal brand travels best on video. Don’t like making video? It doesn’t come easily to many people but it’s something you can master with practice. Start today: practice talking in front of a mirror; keep a video journal until you’re comfortable talking to camera; record yourself giving presentations. You won’t like the result but persevere. Review your recordings; each time identify one thing you don’t like and in your next recording practice correcting just that one thing. Repeat the process. The worse you are, the more you can improve. Video is an important skill for getting you and your message out there. Work on it.
  4. Build a community. Some experts produce manifestos. We’ve never liked the word – it seems rather pompous and self-important. But the sentiment is a good one. Tell your audience what you believe in, what you stand for and how you envisage the way forward. By setting out your beliefs you attract those who share your viewpoint. They will connect with you, encourage you and cheer your accomplishments.
  5. Show up every day. Being heard is a marathon, not a sprint. What works? Taking action, being consistent, continually producing content and products your target audience will find valuable. Have a production schedule and stick to it. It doesn’t matter if only one person is listening to begin with – keep at it. Don’t expect any dramatic results for the first two years. Be everywhere. Get yourself and your value out there.
  6. Write a book. Books are the new business card. Writing a book is one of the best ways to raise your profile and add credibility in record time. Resist the temptation to create a Kindle book. They’re OK but lack the clout, kudos and marketing opportunities of a physical book. A book presents the ideal product around which to build your tribe of followers. Look what it did for Tim Ferriss. Could you write the next bestseller? Why not? Think big.
  7. No man is an island. Reach out and talk to people. Attend conferences. Find influencers in your target market, those individuals who are doing something similar or related to what you’re doing. How are they reaching out to others? How are they getting attention? Ask people about what they’re working on. Comment on Reddit (we’ve found several joint venture opportunities this way). Go to meetups. The more you’re out there, the more people can get to know, like and trust you. Make more real, physical connections. Every person you meet is a gateway to a new world.

Takeaway points

  1. The best way to get noticed in a noisy world is to serve others. Produce great content. Solve problems for your target audience. Give more than you take.
  2. Be yourself, not a pale imitation. Copycats have less pull than originals.
  3. Get good at video.

Action steps

  1. Draw up a plan for a book you will write. What result do you want your readers to achieve? Identify five steps the reader must take to reach that goal. Break those steps into three sub-steps. Now set aside time to write about each of those sub-steps. That’s how non-fiction gets written. Too busy? You can write a book in your spare time.
  2. Start practising presenting on video. Each day, record twenty minutes of you talking to camera. One rule: no re-starting. Don’t worry, no one else will see the recording. Review your performance and identify points to work on. After a month, you will have had ten hours solid practice. Keep going until you have ironed out your weak points.
  3. Review your target audience. What content could you create that will resonate with them? What problem can you solve for them or what result can you help them achieve? Identify influencers in your target market and reach out to them with your product. Start a dialogue. Let other people know you’re out there and share your creations with them. Keep doing this every time you have something new of value to offer.

Photo credit: floeschie via Foter.com / CC BY

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