5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts Beyond All Recognition

It takes a similar amount of time and effort to write a bland, who-cares blog post as one that your audience loves and enhances your authority. Start writing posts that matter to your audience; to your industry; to you.

How to write blog posts that matter

  1. Give, give, give. What does your audience want to learn? What problems can you solve for them? Do you have uncommon knowledge that can help them? Do they have questions you can help answer? Do you have a free download that could help them? Giving your audience value should be at the heart of every blog post you write.
  2. Focus on quality. Before you create anything, ask yourself if the end result would pass the “I Could Charge For This” test. Alternatively, ask yourself, “If I never create this post, would anyone miss it?” Simply holding your posts to these standards will boost their usefulness and ensure you only create content your audience loves.
  3. Solve a problem. Opinion pieces have their place but your audience is hungry for solutions to their problems. Your posts should offer a system or a methodology, a series of practical steps to help them achieve a desired result. Your solution should have between 3-5 steps; any more is too complex.
  4. Work to a framework. Cut the flab and get to the point. Use a blog template – you can steal ours. This creates consistency, a brand identity and your readers will appreciate the brevity.
  5. Edit for clarity. Communicate your message in the fewest words possible. Write in the active voice. Drop adverbs. Read 7 Simple Edits That Make Your Writing 100% More Powerful. Do this and your writing will be punchier and more professional.

Takeaway points

  1. Think how you can offer value to your audience. Then deliver twice as much.
  2. Focus on solving a problem for your target market.
  3. Run everything you create through the “I Could Charge For This” test

Action steps

  1. For your next blog post identify the pressing problem you are solving for your audience.
  2. Write down a 3-5 step system for solving the problem.
  3. Once you have written the post play a game of reducing the word count without losing the meaning.

Photo credit: smoorenburg via Foter.com / CC BY

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