15 Experts Share Their Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

You’re an expert with value to share. You’ve identified your audience. You may even have a product that helps your tribe. Now the tricky part. How do you influence prospects to buy from you? Clearly, marketing efforts are central, e.g. selling with stories; creating compelling sales copy; producing effective sales videos. But a large part of why people buy from you comes down to your personal brand.

Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.
~ Jason Hartman

If personal branding seems vague to you, think of it as your reputation. It’s what you’re known for bringing to the table. Here are some powerful ways to build your personal brand.

  1. Get published. Books are incredibly powerful tools for building your personal brand – just ask Tim Ferriss. A book is your entry ticket into the world of experts. And writing a bestseller is, more often than not, life-changing, opening up incredible offers, networking opportunities and joint ventures. It’s arguably one of the fastest ways of establishing your expert authority.
  2. Host Q&A for your target audience. Schedule a free webinar for prospective clients to answer their questions. Offer a 20 minute free consultation to a limited number of people in exchange for client testimonials. Offer paid coaching sessions. Coaching/consultations can also validate future product ideas: you will learn about the problems people are experiencing; and if your coaching is based on a product idea you have in mind, you can gauge market-demand before committing time, energy and money creating it.
  3. Focus, don’t spray. You can spread yourself too thinly. It’s far better to have a significant presence in 2-3 social media platforms than have a sorry-looking empty account on several. If 2-3 is too much, just focus on one. Choose the platform your target audience uses the most and master that before moving onto the next channel (if at all).

How to build your online brand

The Personal Branding Blog has 15 suggestions from successful online entpreneurs on how to build a personal brand. They were posed the question, “What is one step I can take to proactively build my brand online?” From their article:

  1. Find out where the tribe you want to lead is hanging out. It’s easy to spread yourself too thin, so think about what keywords, blogs and social media sites your ideal clients and/or partners might be hanging out on. It’s much better to get known in a smaller niche than to try to be everything to everyone, so hone in on the particular topics you want to be an industry leader for and start writing authoritative articles on the leading blogs in that space.
  2. Start with simpler social sites like Instagram. Instagram is great because essentially all you need to do is share an image. On most other social media sites, video and text content thrives but it can be more time consuming to produce.
  3. Set a measurable goal. Whether you want to become a repeat guest blogger or gain more followers on social media, you need to set a measurable goal. Write outyour measurable goal. For example, gain 2,000 followers on Instagram or become a guest blogger for two business outlets. The best part? You can easily track yourprogression through social media, digital media and online tools.

Read the full post here: http://www.personalbrandingblog.com/15-ways-to-build-your-personal-brand-online/

Takeaway points

  1. Your personal brand is your reputation and vice versa.
  2. Paraphrasing Dr Sarah David, “Your brand is your unique promise of value and what you bring to the table with the aim of getting your potential clients to choose you as the only solution to their problem”.
  3. Personal branding is not vanity. It’s shrewd business to facilitate future sales of anything you produce and it opens up business opportunities you would not likely have otherwise.

Action steps

  1. Choose one social medial channel to grow your presence. Learn as much as you can about utilising that platform to extend your reach. How do you decide which channel to use? Go with the one your target audience most likely uses.
  2. Start producing great content for your target audience. Consider writing a book or, at the very least, producing pillar content.
  3. Start reaching out to your target audience or influencers in your industry. Give more than you take and demonstrate to others your commitment to serving your chosen target audience. This is an important and effective step to getting noticed.

Photo credit: Warren Rohner via Foter.com / CC BY-SA 2.0

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