10 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

Note: before concerning yourself with reaching your target audience, you always need to validate your idea first – ignoring idea-validation will cost you time, effort and money. It’s demoralising too. Always validate your idea before doing anything else.

You have a great product or service for your target market. How do you reach them to tell them about it? Here are some effective ways – some free, some paid – to put your offer in front of your prospective customers.

10 ways to get your product in front of your target audience

Here are some methods to put your offer in front of your ideal customer.

  1. Dig your well before you’re thirsty. The best way to reach your target audience is to start a year ago. We don’t mean to be facetious and this may not help you now but take this advice on board for your future products. Here’s how you do it: build a landing page promoting your offer; create a downloadable gift closely related to your offer; drive visitors to this landing page using Facebook and GoogleAds; offer your downloadable gift in exchange for your visitor’s email address. They are now a part of your audience.
  2. Use Facebook ads. Promote your product using a Facebook ad. The power of Facebook advertising lies in its highly specific marketing demographics. You can pinpoint a target audience; promote to similar groups; filter by age, gender, income, job; you can target people with particular interests or who read certain books or watch certain shows… and much more. If your market is out there, you can reach them on Facebook. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s the Dummies Guide to Facebook Marketing.
  3. Use GoogleAds. GoogleAds may be losing favour with some marketeers unable to compete with deep-pocketed competitors; broad-brush demographic data and the rise of ad blockers. If you’re considering GoogleAds, you need to do your homework. Don’t just create a campaign and hope for the best. There’s more to it than that: here’s a simple guide for creating your first GoogleAds campaign from Hubspot.
  4. Advertise on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become a noisier place and it can be hard to break through. The problem is significant enough for some experts to abandon the platform. However, it still has great potential when done correctly. Here’s a good introductory guide to LinkedIn advertising from Marketing Land.
  5. Offer promotional copies to influencers and their audiences. If your product is solving an important current problem for your target market, influencers in your industry will want to share it with their audience. Offer a promotional copies to select few in return for honest feedback and testimonials.
  6. Build buzz with “free” copies. Do you have a book to promote? Consider giving it away “free”. You charge postage and packing and maybe a handling fee to cover your costs but make nothing on the book itself. Why would you do this? Rather than see your book as an income-generator (a book is unlikely to make you rich on its own – it happens, but it’s rare), see it as a tool to build authority, credibility and, ultimately, an audience of fans for your future products. All you ask in return is that people help you build buzz by reviewing your product  on Amazon, and provide feedback which you can use in your marketing.
  7. Attend meetups. Is there a meetup for your target audience? Meetups can be hit-and-miss. However, even just finding one or two prospects makes it worthwhile. If your product is truly valuable to your market it can be an easy way to make connections and perhaps collaborate on other projects.
  8. Attend industry events. A good event can fill your prospect book in a couple of days. The connections you make are worth the entry price and events are an extremely efficient method for researching new ideas, uncovering new opportunities and getting feedback. Of course, the networking opportunities are also great and you should take every advantage of this. If you’re planning to attend an event, go all-out. Speak to as many people as you can and fill your contact and connections book.
  9. Guest post on other blogs. Not an easy option but it can bring long-term rewards. An influencer is not going to risk their reputation (i.e. they don’t know you) and let you take a part of their audience’s goodwill and attention (which is basically what you’re trying to do) without a very good reason. What constitutes a very good reason? Content that delivers incredible value to their target audience. A simple post won’t work. Think long-form content. Tim Ferriss advocates creating content that is 10-15 pages long and still useful two years from now. Or perhaps you can secure an exclusive interview with an expert? Or ask 20 of the top names in your industry to submit their top tip or comment on where they see the industry going – and write a round-up. Or create an online course, perhaps?
  10. Share infographics. Identify some of the best parts of your product and convert those into infographics. (You don’t have to give away the farm). Infographics are still wildly popular because the work. Share the graphics with authority sites in your industry and on Slideshare, Instagram or Pinterest.

Takeaway points

  1. Try to build an audience before you want to sell to them.
  2. Leverage other people’s audiences wherever possible (e.g. guest blogs, infographics)
  3. Be prepared to commit some funds to reaching your audience (e.g. ads, attending events)

Action steps

  1. Identify 5 influential sites you can guest post for.
  2. Identify a topic related to your offer which you can create an infographic for.
  3. Consider creating a free online course to attract your target audience. Be sure to request their emails in exchange for access.

Photo credit: MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・) via Foter.com / CC BY

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